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Our treatments include both Medications and Counseling techniques, shown to be most effective in helping you or your loved one to become free of addictive substances, drugs and alcohol.

Our Caring and Professional staff is on the forefront, utilizing a comprehensive understanding of the newest, scientifically proven, methods to bear on this disease.

Our Treatment may include Medications such as Suboxone (buprenorphine), Vivitrol (naloxone) and Counseling, which can be group, individual, couples family and workplace counseling. The latest advances in Medical Science show that Addiction, also called Chemical Dependence, causes tremendous harm to the neuro-physiologic and neuro-biochemical nature of the brain... Our treatment team focuses on other problems you or your loved one may be facing, which may have previously gone unrecognized or treated with medications which can actually promote chemical addiction.  These may be physical illnesses causing chronic pain or psychological disorders leading to depression or anxiety.  By properly treating these conditions, the chance of successfully "kicking" chemical addiction goes up tremendously. We are dedicated to the highest level of excellence in care for those with Chemical Addiction.

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